Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunset Magazine Savor Weekend

...We have been so busy the last few months with the catering business, it always shocks me that our busiest time of the year always seems to be fall, not christmas, but that works for us. Bonnie Marie's Catering was recently invited to be involved in an exciting event for our community, Sunset Magazine put on an event called Savor the Central Coast in which they celebrated everything that the central coast of California has to offer.

It was alot of work, I'm not going to lie, but working with such a big publication was an amazing opportunity. We cooked breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning consisting of a menu that the magazine provided us, it was a little different than what we would have done ourselves, but it turned out great just the same. Preparing a gourmet breakfast for 175 people to be ready at 8:30in the morning only means one thing....getting up at 3:00 am! ouch.

This is Bonnie and I leaving her house before 4:00 am on Saturday  morning. Wouldn't be that big of a deal to just roll out of bed and head to start cooking at the shop, but we had to look presentable, ahh! To meet with the editors, Katie Tamony and Margot True, you can't look like a hot needless to say blowdrying hair and putting on make up in the middle of the night was new for me.

Preparing the Sunset menu took a little time! Cooking 40lbs of bacon, making over 200 biscuits by hand, grilling polenta rounds and last but not least poaching 200 eggs....all running on a constant caffeine drip. But the final product was worth all the hard work, it looked beautiful.

Beginning of the buffet. We searched and searched for cute enough chalkboard for our menu, when at the last minute Bonnie spray painted an old rusty tray she had picked up at an antique store with our handy chalkboard paint. It was the perfect touch for our rustic yet gourmet breakfast.

Bonnie's "chalkboard" Project. It is great to be able to use something in such an unusual way...she's so crafty

The centerpiece containing of local produce used in the meal. Those beautiful heirloom tomatoes and fresh eggs are from our neighbor Sue Andros. Her amazing garden provided us with so much for this breakfast.

Bonnie even squeezed in time to make some amazing preserves for the breakfast including strawberry-basil, fig and native peach. We also showcased local honey from Rock Basin Vineyards here in Margarita. People loved it!

The Assistencia at the historical Santa Margarita Ranch hosted this event. It looked beautiful and it was so different working in the morning there, we are so used to night time events in the barn.

Bonnie, owner of our business, on stage with the editor Katie Tamony. Bonnie is wearing one of our vintage aprons we created especially for this event for the whole crew to wear. So much work, but looked great.

After this whole weekend it was just back to work and onto the next project...never ends


  1. thanks for sharing, congratulations - great job and what a wonderful experience.

  2. Bonnie Marie's Catering is wonderful! Bonnie, Rose and their crew always go way beyond the call of duty! Their food is presented beautifully and tastes delicious! I love the way the use all the fresh vegetables available from the central coast area!