Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ancient Peaks Winery Pick Up Party

Last week we catered food for one of our local wineries in Santa Margarita, Ancient Peaks Winery. They're right down the road...

They were debuting one of their new reds called "Renegade" which was a bold blend of Syrah, Malbec and Petit Verdot. They also introduced their new white "Blanco".

After trying the new, bold "Renegade" we knew we needed
something bold and a little spicy to stand up to its' power

We decided on a Cowboy beef chili with a fresh jalapeno corn salsa
and homemade tortilla chip

We used Bonnie's sister-in-law KT's camp stove to keep the chili warm
and worked awesome, who knew?

For the milder, crisp white wine we wanted something a little fruity,
but not to sweet

Kathy, Bonnie's mother-in-law had been talking about this recipe from her hero, Ina Garten, so we tried her Savory Thyme Shortbread cookies with brie cheese and Bonnie's Apricot Chutney

Bonnie prides herself and her reputation on the presentation of her food, she created
these beautiful flower arrangements just for the event.
She decided to paint these barnwood signs for the menu about 15 minutes before the event...

Along with the rustic theme, she brought these handmade barn wood birdhouses that were made by our grandmother many years ago, she is so talented, it is no wonder where that creative nature comes from

Another shot of the birdhouses and flowers

Our table at the Ranch, we often catch affectionately calling it "The Ranch" because there are many family ties with this beautiful location. Bonnie's husband grew up on the Santa Margarita Ranch and there are so many memories that have been made there.

It was a beautiful night, we are used to having intense heat waves this time of year, but it was a pleasant evening, even got a little chilly as soon as the sun went down.

Ancient Peaks had a great turn out, even more people than expected. Guests enjoyed our spicy chili and red wine till the sun went down while listening to a local band,
we often find ourself asking eachother
"why don't we get to go to parties like this?"
Well, I guess it's our job to run them!


  1. Rose it is great to read about all the adventures of the Sisters. You both are very talented...everything always has a special touch

  2. I loved seeing Gram's birdhouses that you and Bonnie used--makes me cry because Gram can't even see what you girls have accomplished--I let her know how great you two have turned out to be--she just nods her head like she understands--so thats good enough for me!