Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ Pizza on the Grill

Oh how we love when summertime rolls around and you can find any excuse to fire up the grill instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Here is another one of Bonnie's creations that I have stolen and used at our house! On a sunny, sunday evening we fired up a grilled veggie and pesto chicken pizza, Yum!

I made my own pizza dough from a simple recipe off of food.com,
but if I don't have time I usually just pick some up at Trader Joe's

This is my trusty Kitchenaid that I've put through the ringer, my parents gave it to me
 for my college graduation, I Love it!

I also like to use whole wheat flour whenever possible in my baking and cooking,
it makes me feel a little bit better!
I defrosted chicken from the freezer and marinated it in some Olive Oil and pesto

Max likes to cook on Sundays, so I had him prep and cut all the veggies, nice! Yes, as you can see Sunday BBQ's and Bud Light go hand in hand in our house

I tossed the veggies in my go-to EVOO and fresh cracked salt and pepper

I was very excited about finally enjoying the first ripe apricots of the season from Farmers, yum!

My new obsession these days, radishes! I often find myself going in phases oh what I love,
radishes are it right now! I love them sliced thinly in salads
This is another one of our guilty pleasures, the best investment in the house so far is our flat screen in the kitchen, don't know what I would do without it

And we're still eating the marinated beets I made earlier this week

See how pretty radishes look in salads? Try them!

We just got this for the grill at Home Depot, made it so much easier

I got to use another one of my fledgling Basil plants. I'm officially known as "The Black Thumb"
around these parts...I kill every plant I bring into the house

Still can never get the pizza dough in a perfect circle, but what are you doing to do??

Put the dough on the grill first, without any toppings

After it has cooked for about five minutes, you can start putting the toppings on

Make sure it is on low at this point, you don't want a burned bottom!

Once you put all the veggies on go ahead and close the lid, cooking time will vary but ours took about 12-15 minutes

you now have fresh grilled pizza with great bbq flavor, not hot oven needed on
these scorching summer days!
Thanks so much for checking in with us! Enjoy
Bonnie Marie's Catering


  1. This looks great!!! The blog is so nice, Rose--thanks for letting me see what you have been doing--the new camera works great, too! The pictures are so crisp and clear!!!