Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crafting in Chaos

It never fails...right in the middle of our busiest time, Bonnie will always have a great idea for some new craft project she wants to start. Last year during the Sunset Magazine event, we were running around like crazy and the night before she decided that we had to make coordinating aprons of retro/vintage fabric for all of us to wear, 5 of them! We somehow got it done.

This time it was a last minute little girl and boy birthday party that brought on the craftiness. We had recently seen a super cute girls sun hat in the recent issue of Martha Stewart.  So the project was on...

This was the final outcome, so stinking cute!! I made the fabric flower for her, because luckily that is one of the crafts that I'm really good at! My grandmother was an amazing seamstress and tried to teach us every weekend growing up her tricks of the trade, sure wish now that I was one of those good grandkids that listened...

Pretty much in love with it!

But we couldn't forget about the big brother's birthday also...they're a ranching family so Bonnie knew that she could whip up one of her now famous kids rope bags.

With the family's brand and all, even had a kids rope inside.

This is hanging on Bonnie's saddle from when she was a child. Our grandparents, Marie and Jess Fehlman were amazing leathersmiths and actually owned and ran Fehlman Saddle Shop in Gilroy, CA many decades ago. These are amazing family treasures.

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