Our Catering Menu

Appetizer Choices

Cheese and Antipasta Table
A wonderful display of cheeses, dips, crackers, fruit, marinated vegetables and Italian meats

Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Brushetta
Crisp Garlic Toasts topped with roma tomatoes that are mixed with fresh mozzarella balls, basil and olive oil

Crab Cakes with a spicy dill dipping sauce
Freshly prepared crab cakes served with a creamy dill and red pepper dipping sauce

Fresh Veggies filled with herbed cream cheese
Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers filled with pesto cream cheese

Shrimp Cocktail
Large shrimp served on ice with homemade cocktail sauce

Hot Artichoke Dip
A wonderfully creamy dip made with artichokes and parmesan cheese, served with crackers

Assorted Sausage
Gourmet flavored sausages cooked to perfection and served an a platter

Spinach Dip
Spinach dip served in a sourdough bread bowl with cubed bread

Roasted Pepper dip
Roasted red peppers mixed with cream cheese and served with assorted crackers

Proscuto Wrapped Shrimp
Served with a light bbq dipping sauce

Fruit Kabob’s
Fresh melon balls, pineapple and berries skewered served with a sweet cream cheese dip

Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp that are breaded with coconut and bread crumbs, served with a spicy cilantro dipping sauce

Veggie Tray with pesto dip
Assorted fresh vegetables served with a pesto dip

Tri-Tip Crostini
BBQ’d Tri Tip sliced thinly placed garlic bread rounds with a horseradish cream topping

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Pork ribs that are BBQ’d and then coated with BBQ sauce

Tortellini Skewers
Pesto tortellini that is skewered and served with a sun dried tomato dip

Italian Ham Wrapped Melon
Freshly sliced Italian ham that is wrapped around seasonal melon

Chicken Pot Stickers
Served with a soy dipping sauce

Texas Spring Rolls
Won Ton wrappers that are filled with cream cheese and jalapeno, then fried and served with a jalapeno jelly dipping sauce

Salad Choices

Sonoma Green Salad
Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with caramelized walnuts, blue cheese and craisins, mixed with homemade raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Luau Salad
Romaine lettuce and Napa Cabbage tossed with mandarin oranges, red bell peppers, almonds, green onions and won ton strips, mixed with shitake vinaigrette dressing

Cobb Salad
Romaine and Baby greens tossed with blue cheese, bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, green onions and avocado, served with a creamy vinaigrette dressing

Southwestern Salad
Romaine lettuce topped with corn, black beans, green onions, red bell pepper, cheddar cheese and fried tortilla strips, tossed in a spicy southwestern dressing

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and pepperoncinis, tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta cheese

Classic Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and shaved parmesan

Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach tossed with bacon, blue cheese, hard boiled eggs, and mushrooms in a French dressing

Green Salad
Fresh Butter lettuce and romaine topped with goat cheese, orange tomatoes, green onion, pancetta and avocado served with a creamy balsamic dressing

Sichuan Noodle Salad
Fettuccini noodles tossed with green onions, peanuts, carrots and red bell peppers, mixed with a spicy Sichuan sauce

Red Potato Salad
A classic Potato salad using red potatoes

Macaroni Salad
A classic macaroni salad

Roasted Corn Salad
Fire roasted corn mixed with red bell peppers, grape tomatoes and green onions tossed in lime vinaigrette

Tomato, cucumber and Feta Salad
English Cucumbers tossed with sliced tomatoes and crumbled Feta cheese, mixed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

White Bean Salad
White Beans tossed with celery, green onion, red onion, parsley and sun dried tomatoes with a vinaigrette marinade

Fresh Fruit Platter or Salad
Strawberries, Pineapple, Grapes, and Watermelon served with a wonderful fruit dip

Fiesta Pasta Salad
Corkscrew pasta tossed with corn, black beans, tomatoes and green onions mixed in sun dried tomato vinaigrette

Antipasti Pasta Salad
Bow tie pasta tossed with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato pest, pepperoncinis, fresh mozzarella, kalamata and green olives in a creamy balsamic dressing

Caprese Salad
Garden Grown tomatoes sliced and plated with basil, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar

Side Dishes
Potato Casserole
Hash Brown potatoes that are mixed with onions, cream of mushroom soup and cheddar cheese, topped with a crunchy chip topping and then baked

Ranch Beans
Freshly prepared beans that are cooked with ham hocks, beef, tomatoes, onions and seasoning

Roasted Red Potatoes
Baby Red potatoes that are coated with butter, garlic, fresh herbs and parmesan cheese

Classic Mashed potatoes
Served with a Madeira gravy

Rice Pilaf
Fluffy rice that is seasoned to perfection

Chile Rice Gratin
White rice that is baked with sour cream, cheddar cheese and Ortega chiles

Mashed Potato Casserole
Mashed potatoes that are baked with bacon, cheddar cheese and fresh herbs

Baked Potato Bar
Potatos served with sour cream, butter, and chives

Pasta Choice
A pasta of your choice served with either marinara, alfredo or pesto sauce


Grilled Balsalmic Vegetables
Asparagus, Zucchini, Onion, Mushrooms that are grilled, and marinated in balsalmic vinegar and olive oil, with fresh herbs

Green Beans
Sautéed with pancetta, red bell peppers and shallots

Glazed Carrots
Baby carrots that are pan sautéed with butter and a little sugar

BBQ’d Asparagus
That is grilled and then topped with balsamic vinegar

Summer Vegetable Saute
Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, purple onion and summer squash that is grilled and basted with butter
Entrée Options

All of the entrée’s are prepared over a red oak fire

Choice Top Sirloin, Tri-Tip or Rib Eye
That is cooked to perfection and served with homemade salsa

Chicken legs and thighs that are marinated in white wine and lemon juice and then grilled

Salmon or Halibut
Lemon and dill seasoned salmon, or honey and soy glazed

Pork Loin
Glazed in a cranberry BBQ sauce

Baby Back Ribs
BBQ’d baby back ribs that are glazed to perfection in my homemade bar-B-Que sauce

Dark Chocolate Torte
A dense chocolate cake topped with chocolate mouse and freshly whipped cream

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
A creamy cheesecake that is served with a pecan bourbon sauce

New York Style Cheesecake
A rich and creamy cheesecake topped with raspberry coulee and fresh blueberries

Berry Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream
Assorted Berries covered with a crumbly topping of oats and brown sugar, then topped with ice cream

Cheese Plate
A wonderful assortment of 6 different artisinal cheeses, served with accompaniments, goes great with a port

Southern Style Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce
A wonderful bread pudding served with sauce and whipped cream

Red Velvet or Chocolate Cupcakes
Homemade cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream or cream cheese frosting

Menu Pricing

Prices include the Dinner along with the service staff
Prices do not include rentals of linens, glasses, flatware or plates
Bartenders not included, additional $125 each bartender

(18% gratuity will be added)

Single Entrée Dinner

Served Dinner to include the following choices
4 Appetizers
1 Salad or Soup
1 Entrée to include appropriate starch and vegetable choice
1 Dessert
$30.00 a person

Multiple Entrée Dinner

Served dinner to include the following choices
4 Appetizers
1 Salad or Soup
2-3 Entrée’s to include appropriate starch and vegetable choices
1 Dessert
$35.00 a person

Buffet Served Menu Pricing

Buffet style served dinner to include the following choices
4 Appetizers
3 Salads
2 Entrée Options to include appropriate starch and vegetable choices
$25.00 a person

Substitutions are subject to Pricing Changes

Pricing may change seasonally for Beef and Seafood Entrée’s